Charles Jannace’s Biography


Charles J. Jannace III was born in (East New York) Brooklyn, New York in 1958. He graduated from St. John’s University School of Law in 1983. In 1982, he accepted a job at Halley & Chalos, P.A. at 300 East 42d Street in New York City and later became an associate attorney at that firm. That firm specialized in various types of maritime litigation. In 1986, Mr. Jannace became an associate at Smith & Laquercia, P.A. at 291 Broadway in New York City. That firm specialized in insurance defense litigation. In 1988, Mr. Jannace moved to become an associate at Thurm & Heller, then at 26 Broadway in Lower Manhattan, another insurance defense firm.

On July 4, 1990, after making good on a promise to leave New York City if David Dinkins was elected Mayor, Mr. Jannace moved to Salisbury, Maryland and became associated with Vaughn and Don Richardson. Vaughn Richardson, who provided opportunities and opened doors to Mr. Jannace that will never be forgotten, passed away in 1992. In 1994, despite having a friendship with Don Richardson that lasts to this day, Charles moved on to become partners in Moore & Jannace, P.A. Then, in 1997, Mr. Jannace started his own firm which he left in 2014 to accept a position as Assistant Public Defender in District II of Maryland, where he currently practices.

Mr. Jannace lives with his wife, two sons, motorcycles, and a well stocked humidor in Salisbury, Maryland.

Mr. Jannace is a life member of the National Rifle Association; a member of the Maryland Trial Lawyers Association (how’s that for a dichotomy?); a member of the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service; and a member of the Alliance Defense Fund.

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