Separation and Divorce

Despite the high rate of divorce throughout the Country, the break up of a marriage is something that neither spouse contemplates at the inception. Yet, it seems that at some point, for whatever reason, good or bad, one spouse will start will start planning for the separation, leaving the other spouse in the dark or knowing that the other spouse is too vulnerable to recognize that the break up is coming. There are a myriad of legal and financial issues, short and long term, that come out of a break up of a marriage.

Almost all separations involve questions of paying the bills, custody of children, dividing property, support, and retirement. The larger question is whether your spouse and your spouse’s lawyer are going to take advantage of you. Maryland law has safeguards and standards but you need to know what they are or you’ll find out about them after it is too late.

Unfortunately, some of these issues come back after a divorce is final. Circumstances with children or support change and need to be revised. Ex-spouses are often be less cooperative than they were during the first go ’round.

From uncontested to contested, from Limited Divorce to Absolute Divorce, Mr. Jannace has handled it all and can work with you to get a fair result. It is vitally important to get the right attorney, right away because what happens at the beginning of a break up will often affect spouses, children, and property for years to follow. Remember, taking advice from your your enemy will often result in the opposite of what was said and unfortunately, in a break up, your spouse is your adversary. The sooner you call 410.341.3939, the sooner you will get sound advice that you can rely upon.

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